Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leopard and Repeat.

Due to the obvious re occurrence of this skirt you can tell these photos were probably took at the same time as my previous post. I've been obsessively wearing this shirt for the past two years or so, its ripping out but, you can't tell! 
Shirt-consignment store find in Corvallis, Oregon. Skirt- TJ Maxx American Eagle 
Watch- Michael Kors         Ring- Perfection
Photos: Revoir Designs

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Anyone who knows me, knows I am super awkward in front of a camera. I'd much rather be behind it directing, styling and fixing out of place hairs on a model. I gathered my courage and mostly just didn't look at the camera for 98% of the pictures. That being said I am very pleased with how the first "outfit post" photos I've ever taken turned out!
I'm a huge bargain shopper. This whole outfit probably cost less than $50 and the only full price item is my striped go to button-up from Maurices. If you don't have a striped button up polyester shirt you probably aren't doing it right. The bag is Steve Madden and is from TJ Maxx along with American Eagle high-low skirt. The boots I was dying to buy from Maurices when they came out in the fall but, the store in my college town of Corvallis, Oregon immediately sold out of 7's. I got these for $9.99 in a neighboring town at the end of the season. I win.
It's all about the little details. My ring is an uncut diamond set on a sterling silver covered twig, my boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas and as a person who loves things BIG, I am obsessed with this dainty little ring. The nails make me think of Beatlejuice and I taught the lady doing them what the word "stripe" was. She taught me how to say shiny in Vietnamese.

I'll be trying hard to look a lot less stiff in upcoming outfit posts, it will just be a process for the girl who hides when the camera is turned on her.

Photos by the wonderful Treena Revoir of Revoir Designs !

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hello! I've been dying to re-do/re-start up this blog for the last three or so years. Until this point I just felt like I didn't have the time or really anything meaningful to share. As a soon to be Oregon State University graduate I now feel like I have some things to share and give my input on. This blog is to be equal parts a personal style blog and a self help blog for you kiddies entering the college world of merchandising/marketing/or design. There are so many things I wish I would've known going into college, about what classes could be taken together, how to relieve stress, how to deal with parents not believing in your given choice of major and simply how to get along professionally with individuals you'd rather have nothing to do with.  

A little background on me! I am a 22 year old Merchandise Management major who will be graduated by this August. My time at Oregon State has been extremely eventful and full of self discovery. When I first started out at Oregon State 4 years ago I never would've imagined where I would be ending up. I spent the summer of 2013 as a public relations/marketing intern at Marc Fisher Footwear and worked as the head fashion week intern for New York Fashion Week at Yigal Azrouel. Both experiences I'll be touching more on later. 

I really hope to use this blog for the power of good, to express myself, help if I can, and grow more creatively!