Sunday, July 20, 2014


Anyone who knows me, knows I am super awkward in front of a camera. I'd much rather be behind it directing, styling and fixing out of place hairs on a model. I gathered my courage and mostly just didn't look at the camera for 98% of the pictures. That being said I am very pleased with how the first "outfit post" photos I've ever taken turned out!
I'm a huge bargain shopper. This whole outfit probably cost less than $50 and the only full price item is my striped go to button-up from Maurices. If you don't have a striped button up polyester shirt you probably aren't doing it right. The bag is Steve Madden and is from TJ Maxx along with American Eagle high-low skirt. The boots I was dying to buy from Maurices when they came out in the fall but, the store in my college town of Corvallis, Oregon immediately sold out of 7's. I got these for $9.99 in a neighboring town at the end of the season. I win.
It's all about the little details. My ring is an uncut diamond set on a sterling silver covered twig, my boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas and as a person who loves things BIG, I am obsessed with this dainty little ring. The nails make me think of Beatlejuice and I taught the lady doing them what the word "stripe" was. She taught me how to say shiny in Vietnamese.

I'll be trying hard to look a lot less stiff in upcoming outfit posts, it will just be a process for the girl who hides when the camera is turned on her.

Photos by the wonderful Treena Revoir of Revoir Designs !

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