Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dressing for work.

My work wear isn't to far off from my everyday outfit wear-age. Unless the only thing I have going on during said day is to go to the gym, then you best believe I am scrubbing it all day. I always like to bring my own style into work, really no matter what the atmosphere is. I am the Men's Department Supervisor/Assistant Manager at a store called Bealls in my hometown. I would call the dress code... well we don't really have a dress code. I guess its pants that aren't jeans, and shirts that don't have distracting graphics or words on them. My personal dress code usually consists of some form of legging/dress leggings (slack like material, oh my!), button up blouse usually in black, leopard print, or striped and some form of black flat. Once upon a time I use to wear blazers a lot to work for this job. Its summer, so I am probably not going to wear a blazer at any point but, I love the idea.

I am utterly obsessed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream lip glosses and own 3 of them now. The particular shade pictured is my go to. I'm super pale with black hair and blue eyes so the shade looks bomb on me. I won't lie my personal Michael Kors watch is similar to the above but, better. My boyfriend bought me the Michael Kors heart earrings for our one year anniversary (celebrated on the 21st of July!) and I'm pretty smitten with them. Since I am an Assistant Manager I have a lot of keys, many of which I don't use. AKA I wear a lanyard.
Moral of the story, still do you at work. If I didn't dress the way I do at work and did wear, I don't know lets say.. flared slacks with orthopedic tennis shoes and some boring top, I'd just be sad all day. I feel my best at work when I am constantly checking myself out in the side mirrors.

So wear something you'd check yourself out in. End of story. 

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