Saturday, October 4, 2014

Winter Wants.

I'm so poor it hurts. To be living in one of the most fashionable cities in the world and feeling sub-par and frumpy every single day hurts. I've got 4+ inches of nasty brown grow out going on, my bangs are long and stringy, and I don't even want to talk about my eyebrows. #thatunpaidinternlyfethough. So while I most likely won't be buying any updates for my closet for fall/winter, here is a list of the things I would buy if I could buy. Maybe a few of these things will end up in my possesission if I am really lucky. 

1. Thermal Rollers.
I want to try thermal rollers so bad! I have not so awesome memories of rollers from my childhood but, after watching and reading several how-tos I want to give them a try. I can always use some easily obtained added bounce.

2. MAC Rocky Horror Collab.
I accept literally anything from this collaboration. Particularly the nail polishes. 

3. Mid sleeve button ups. 
I want ALL of the neutral/stripe button ups, silk preferred, polyester accepted. 

4. Gap Jeggings. 
I tried on the jeggings at the Gap factory store over here in Bay Ridge. Instantly fell in love but, couldn't afford $35 on sale pants. THEY WOULDN'T ACCEPT MY ONLINE COUPON. 

5. Navy Parka.
I just really want a navy parka.

6. Swanky Heeled Boot Thing. 
I'm not sure of the formal name for these shoes, but I want them. Preferably in some kind of grey metallic color.

7. Creepers.
I've been dying for a pair of creepers ever since I saw the administrative assistant at Yigal Azrouel wearing a pair every day with cuffed skinny jeans looking chic as fuuuuuuk. I want in maroon or navy. Would look awesome with my new Gap jeggings. 

8. Chelsea Rain Boots.
Probably the most useful thing I could order. I might actually splurge and buy a pair from right now.. I've ruined so many flats here in the rains of New York. No more!

How to feel like you are getting something when you're broke and love to shop? Buy the rain boots, if your parentals ask what you are spending your money on you can justify this one. Especially if your parents are concerned with you getting sick. 
Rain+Flats= Wet Toes, Wet Toes=Wet Feet All Day, Wet Feet All Day= Some kind of sickness/virus/death.

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