Saturday, September 27, 2014

The First 264 Hours.

Mandatory Portland International feet/carpet photo.
My boo took me to see my tween-now style idol and role model. Dita is so effortlessly sexy.
What I wore to my BPCM internship interview.
What I wore to literally walk around the streets in, and wound up finding a help wanted sign outside of a small boutique.

My first 264 hours in New York have been crazy! For some odd reason I keep saying my start days for jobs/internships are Friday instead of Monday, who does that? Who says they'll start on a Friday? I guess I do. I started last week at a particular PR company and actually loved how nice everyone was but, I wasn't really about that sit around for 3+ hours of the day waiting for a task life. Halfway through my 2nd week, AKA Tuesday I had an interview with BPCM to be a fall intern and knowing they have a lot of accounts and opportunities I quickly jumped on board.

 I've also literally applied to over 30 retail based jobs online, had one formal interview and they've been contacting my references this weekend. However, said job is two transfers on the Subway and an hour commute from where I am living out in Brooklyn. Thankfully, today on my wanderings around my neighborhood I found a help wanted sign outside of a small boutique. Went in not wearing what I would like to of been wearing the first time I apply for a job but, what do you do when you see a HELP WANTED sign and you are WANTING? I start training Tuesday and am ecstatic that I am working within walking distance of where I am living.

Moral of the story, apply to all of the internships before you get to the city so you can have some options. Apply to all of the jobs. Don't be afraid to walk into stores with help wanted signs, even if you don't have you resume on you. KEEP YOUR RESUME ON YOUR PHONE OR IPAD (whatever one you keep on you).

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