Friday, February 27, 2015

Temp Agency Husltin'

(Have I mentioned how much fun this snowy-cold hell is? This is my neighborhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

The nice thing as of lately is that I have an income. The not so nice thing as of lately is that having a full time job for the first time in awhile means my health is totally taking the back seat. But thats a "WOE" is me tale for a different time. Back in December I met with a temp agency called 24 Seven Talent, they have a huge wide range of clients that I was very eager and excited to work with. Even if it was for a temporary period. Unfortunately after our meeting in early December it took them until late January to finally place me in a job. I've been working as a temp Administrative Assistant at One Kings Lane until their LA office Admin makes it out here. 
It's a bit of a heart break though, I always get UBER passionate about wherever I am working so naturally I fell in love with the laid back/casual environment of OKL and I am ONLY hear until March 13th. I'll especially miss Free Lunch Wednesday and Bagel Friday but, the bigger heartbreak is going back to unemployment. While I do have some faith in 24 Seven to put me into another temp position I am still frantically applying for and interviewing for full time positions. 
So if your new to the city, tired of interning, and just want to get placed into a job hopefully sooner rather than later I highly recommend hooking up with a temp agency. I've read a lot of reviews online and the many agencies across the city have varying reviews but 24 Seven Talent seems to have the best. And I know other fellow hustlin' fashion job hunters who have gotten full time positions out of the agency. I am hoping I'll be next! 

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